Monday, March 26, 2012

Phoenix airport

This weekend I had a layover at the Phoenix Arizona airport and saw this ad. I have no idea what DPS 2012 is. I assume it's some convention being held in Phoenix, but Googling isn't helping me. DPS in Arizona seems to be the Department of Public Safety, their state law enforcement. There are a couple of conventions coming up that might appeal to comics/gaming/LEGO/geekdom in general fans- Con Nichiwa (an anime convention in Tuscon this week) and LepreCon (a sci-fi and fantasy convention in Tempe) (BTW, the featured speaker there is Stephen Furst, who you either know as Flounder from Animal House or as Vir Cotto from Babylon 5) - but neither of those fits the initials "DPS". So, how many geek-friendly puns can you come up with based on the word "con"? Anyway, this sign was a nice little surprise on a long travel day for work.

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