Friday, March 9, 2012

Batman books

Over on Brickset, Huw has pointed out that Dorling Kindersly, or DK Publishing, has a catalog of their upcoming fall releases, and it includes several LEGO books.

LEGO Batman: The Visual Dictionary looks like it will be similar to their Star Wars Visual Dictionary, with lots of high resolution photos of all of the sets and minifigures. I'm assuming this will cover both incarnations of the Batman series, as it seems like they would not have enough material if they only included the current run of sets. Interestingly, we will get an exclusive figure. No clue on what that will be as of yet.

Includes an EXCLUSIVE minifigure!
Enter the world of your favorite LEGO® super hero in the first ever guide to LEGO® Batman™! LEGO Batman: The Visual Dictionary combines DK’s famous Visual Dictionary format with the adventurous world of the LEGO Caped Crusader. Every set and minifigure from the LEGO Batman universe will now be at your fingertips.
Explore each LEGO Batman set according to its location, key themes, events, and characters, including the cunning Catwoman, the daredevil Robin, and the villainous Joker. Other famous DC characters like Wonder Woman, Superman, and Green Lantern will also be featured in minifigure form alongside their corresponding sets that will be hitting stores in 2012.
Go beyond the bricks to look at the wider world of LEGO Batman —including video games, merchandise, and the intense fan community. As an extra bonus, the bottom corners of each page create two great flip-books!

Ultimate Sticker Collection: LEGO Batman will be like their other sticker books, again with lots of high quality photos.

Join LEGO® Batman™ and his crew on their latest adventure in Gotham City with the newest addition to DK’s ultimate sticker format. Ultimate Sticker Collection: LEGO® Batman contains more than 1,000 full-color reusable stickers alongside tons of fun facts about your favorite LEGO super heroes from DC Comics. This is sure to keep little kids everywhere busy for hours.


  1. I really want to know who that shadow charactor is in the dictionary-

  2. I should point out that we now know the mystery fig. It's Batman wearing the Electro Suit found in the video game.

    1. no its not thats another book retard this one is lego batman not lego batman DC SUPERHEROS dictionary

  3. Hi,

    I did some checking around. It appears that there has been a slight change in the cover since I first posted this. The version from the trade catalog released earlier this year is shown above. The newer version, now featured on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, puts "DC Universe Super Heroes" more prominently at the top of the page and has a larger picture of Batman just from the waist up and also images Bane and his drill tank from 6860 The Batcave, the 7784 UCS Batmobile, and a Joker fig (2012 variant).

    Or, as Anonymous so politely points out, perhaps I'm just a retard, and DK is releasing two completely different books, with almost exactly the same title and the same content on the same day.

    Slight apologies for the sarcasm.