Wednesday, March 14, 2012

6865 - Captain America's Avenging Cycle

Next up for examination is 6865 - Captain America's Avenging Cycle. At Toy Fair LEGO was being coy, only showing a portion of the set to avoid giving away a plot point from the upcoming Avengers movie.

However, high resolution images came out later (I think via Amazon, but I'm not sure on that). There has been much online speculation as to the identities of these as-yet-unnamed enemies (Skrull? Kree? Atlanteans? Asgardians of some sort? Inhumans? Etc etc etc).

At $US13 this is a relatively cheap set, so I'm sure most comic fans will pick this up. Basically, IMO, all you're really getting for your money is Cap himself. The motorcycle is nothing special, basically the Catwoman cycle in different colors. BTW, LEGO, Noddy, Michael Jasper, SimonStorm, Fat Tony, and doubtless other builders I'm missing have shown that you can construct really awesome motorcycles out of actual LEGO, rather than simply going with a 1 or 2 piece molded bike. WHY can't you do the same? I'm sure that we would all be much more excited to buy a set with one of those designs. Anyway, IMO the baddies are kind of lame looking, though I suppose they will closely match the movie visuals. Also the little flyer is bad as well (it looks a lot like the Green Goblin's flyer, and I really hated that flimsy thing).

Sigh. I'm sure I'll buy this for Cap and throw the rest in the parts bin. You've got my $13, LEGO, but not as much of my respect as you might have had.

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