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Happy Halloween

I'm guessing that meisjedog is the parent of the kid in this costume.

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More from New York

Rick from FBTB was at ComicCon NY and has extensive pictures of the Batcave set and of Superman. I'll let you follow the link to see more, but the new insights here are seeing Superman's back (and double sided head), the back side of the Bane fig, and also the Bruce Wayne fig that will be in the Batcave set. You could already see most of the Batcave from the high res picture posted previously - the back of the set is pretty flat and undetailed.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Batcave - high resolution picture

Ace over on FBTB has posted the high-resolution image of set 6860, the Batcave. I haven't seen photos yet from ComicCon, but will post when I do. Some of the things that most interest me include the Robin fig, so I guess this is the Tim Drake interation of Robin:

There are quite a few printed elements (at least they don't seem to be stickers). That will be good for Batman MOCs, and some of these (e.g. the computer controls) are just going to be generally useful for all builders.

For some reason I just really like the little Batphone. Hmm, all of the decorated 2-wide cheese slopes on Bricklink are stickered. maybe that bodes ill for my point about printed bricks above.

We don't see a Bruce Wayne fig, which was mentioned in the Variety article. Presumably he's behind that printed batman panel in the upper right, which I assume is the working elevator that Variety notes, where Bruce turns into Batman. I'm liking the dark blay / trans blue color scheme they've chosen here. Bane's drill vehicle is kind of fun, though I'm concerned for him that his head will be knocked off if he's actually trying to drill through the earth. OTOH, the Batcycle is a little meh for me.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Batcave revealed!

LEGO is displaying set 6860, the Batcave, this weekend at Comic Con New York. I haven't seen actual pictures from the con yet, but it seems that LEGO has released an official photo to the press today as well. You can find it in Variety, of all places. They note that the set will include Bruce Wayne, Batman, Robin (note the red uniform version), Poison Ivy and Bane as figs, and will have two vehicles and a working elevator. From other reports we've seen that this will cost US$70 and Australian$130.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Get your Superman fig now

Brick Heroes has this image from the New York ComicCon Superman fig giveaway.

Coming to a Metropolis near you, also, Marvel set names revealed

Ace from FBTB got the information packet from LEGO about the New York ComicCon this weekend. Most important to our subject, there are high resolution pics of Superman. Note the blank red cape (that was one of my questions from SDCC). LEGO will be giving these away at ComicCon, and also confirmed that they will be displaying the Batcave set.

Also, via Brick Heroes, the Australian toy seller Hobbyco lists LEGO products for sale, including upcoming sets that you can pre-order: We should note that these are in Australian dollars.

LEG6858 Super Heroes - Catwoman Catcycle City PRE-ORDER $24.95
LEG6860 Super Heroes -The Batcave PRE-ORDER $129.95
LEG6862 Super Heroes - Superman Vs Pow.Armor Lex PRE-ORDER $39.95
LEG6863 Super Heroes - Batwing Batt/Gotham City PRE-ORDER $59.95
LEG6864 Super Heroes - Batwing & Two Face Chase PRE-ORDER $99.95
LEG6865 Super Heroes - Cpm America Avenging Cyc. PRE-ORDER $24.95
LEG6866 Super Heroes - Wolverine Chopper S/down PRE-ORDER $49.95
LEG6867 Super Heroes - Loki's Cosmic Cube Escape PRE-ORDER $49.95
LEG6868 Super Heroes - Hulk's Helicarrier B/out PRE-ORDER $99.95
LEG6869 Super Heroes - Quinjet Aerial Battle PRE-ORDER $129.95

Are you getting excited now?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Brick Heroes

I was quite happy to get an e-mail today from Brick Will, a French AFOL. It turns out that for some time he's had a blog, Hoth Bricks, dedicated to Star Wars MOCs and official news. Then this July he was inspired by the announcement of the DC and Marvel licenses and he started Brick Heroes. It's in French, but with Google translate you can get a pretty good understanding (or maybe you should just learn French), but even without that he's got lots of great images. He's also been really great at ferreting out information about the upcoming line. I'll let you check out his blog for more on that. Anyway, a few months late, but I'm happy to welcome Brick Heroes to the intertubes. I'm sure I'll be checking there regularly.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Okay, I'm not going to trust this until I see something more concrete, but thecrazyearthling has what appears to be a list of sets. Take this with a big boulder of salt until we see more proof, but here it is:
6858 Batman vs. Catwoman
6862 Superman vs. Lex Luthor
6863 Batman vs. the Joker
6864 Batman vs. Two Face
6860 The Batcave
6865 Captain America
6866 X-Men
6867 Iron Man
6868 Hulk and Thor
6869 Avengers
4526 Batman
4527 The Joker
4528 Green Lantern
4529 Iron Man
4597 Captain America
4530 The Hulk
This is actually fairly in keeping with what we've already seen as the price points for the January release and my previous rampant speculation. Those 45xx sets would be the Hero Factory figures. The most expensive set ($70) is the Batcave. Most of the rest of the sets are Batman based. I was hoping the $10 set would be the Superman set, but instead Supes vs Lex is the $20 set, which is still pretty good. No clue where Wonder Woman is going to show up in this series, and she's supposed to be in the January release. She'll probably be in the most expensive set, given past examples where LEGO only had a key female character (e.g. Princess Leia) in the most expensive set. I also don't see a place for a Green Lantern minifig in these sets either.

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MOC Olympics

One of the categories over on the MOCpages MOC Olympics pits Ru Corder agains Grant W to make cubedude superheroes. Ru Corder came up with Thor. Be sure to follow the link to read his description. It's hilarious.

As part of his storyline he also made Batman:

Monday, October 3, 2011


In looking back through Burakki's photostream for my post a couple of days ago, I noticed several Heroes figs. Yes, this is a TV show, not an actual comic, so I suppose Iain would say I'm going dangerously off-topic, but this show was so closely tied to comics, and, within the show, there was the comic featuring Hiro, that I just had to include this. The first season of that show was so good; too bad it went downhill so fast. Anyway, who doesn't love Hiro? Here's two more version, from Xueren and Joris Blok.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

I'd like to point you all to Burakki's Bricks, a blog devoted to custom minifigures. Several times in the past I've featured Burakki's great custom hero figs, like the ones below. Welcome to blogging, Burakki (okay, a couple of months late as this started earlier this summer). Hopefully we'll see lots of hero customs in the mix.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Caped Crusader

This wonderful mosaic is on display at the BrickCon gathering this weekend. I can't read the builder's name - could anyone supply it?