Friday, October 14, 2011

Batcave - high resolution picture

Ace over on FBTB has posted the high-resolution image of set 6860, the Batcave. I haven't seen photos yet from ComicCon, but will post when I do. Some of the things that most interest me include the Robin fig, so I guess this is the Tim Drake interation of Robin:

There are quite a few printed elements (at least they don't seem to be stickers). That will be good for Batman MOCs, and some of these (e.g. the computer controls) are just going to be generally useful for all builders.

For some reason I just really like the little Batphone. Hmm, all of the decorated 2-wide cheese slopes on Bricklink are stickered. maybe that bodes ill for my point about printed bricks above.

We don't see a Bruce Wayne fig, which was mentioned in the Variety article. Presumably he's behind that printed batman panel in the upper right, which I assume is the working elevator that Variety notes, where Bruce turns into Batman. I'm liking the dark blay / trans blue color scheme they've chosen here. Bane's drill vehicle is kind of fun, though I'm concerned for him that his head will be knocked off if he's actually trying to drill through the earth. OTOH, the Batcycle is a little meh for me.

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