Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Coming to a Metropolis near you, also, Marvel set names revealed

Ace from FBTB got the information packet from LEGO about the New York ComicCon this weekend. Most important to our subject, there are high resolution pics of Superman. Note the blank red cape (that was one of my questions from SDCC). LEGO will be giving these away at ComicCon, and also confirmed that they will be displaying the Batcave set.

Also, via Brick Heroes, the Australian toy seller Hobbyco lists LEGO products for sale, including upcoming sets that you can pre-order: We should note that these are in Australian dollars.

LEG6858 Super Heroes - Catwoman Catcycle City PRE-ORDER $24.95
LEG6860 Super Heroes -The Batcave PRE-ORDER $129.95
LEG6862 Super Heroes - Superman Vs Pow.Armor Lex PRE-ORDER $39.95
LEG6863 Super Heroes - Batwing Batt/Gotham City PRE-ORDER $59.95
LEG6864 Super Heroes - Batwing & Two Face Chase PRE-ORDER $99.95
LEG6865 Super Heroes - Cpm America Avenging Cyc. PRE-ORDER $24.95
LEG6866 Super Heroes - Wolverine Chopper S/down PRE-ORDER $49.95
LEG6867 Super Heroes - Loki's Cosmic Cube Escape PRE-ORDER $49.95
LEG6868 Super Heroes - Hulk's Helicarrier B/out PRE-ORDER $99.95
LEG6869 Super Heroes - Quinjet Aerial Battle PRE-ORDER $129.95

Are you getting excited now?

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