Thursday, October 6, 2011

Okay, I'm not going to trust this until I see something more concrete, but thecrazyearthling has what appears to be a list of sets. Take this with a big boulder of salt until we see more proof, but here it is:
6858 Batman vs. Catwoman
6862 Superman vs. Lex Luthor
6863 Batman vs. the Joker
6864 Batman vs. Two Face
6860 The Batcave
6865 Captain America
6866 X-Men
6867 Iron Man
6868 Hulk and Thor
6869 Avengers
4526 Batman
4527 The Joker
4528 Green Lantern
4529 Iron Man
4597 Captain America
4530 The Hulk
This is actually fairly in keeping with what we've already seen as the price points for the January release and my previous rampant speculation. Those 45xx sets would be the Hero Factory figures. The most expensive set ($70) is the Batcave. Most of the rest of the sets are Batman based. I was hoping the $10 set would be the Superman set, but instead Supes vs Lex is the $20 set, which is still pretty good. No clue where Wonder Woman is going to show up in this series, and she's supposed to be in the January release. She'll probably be in the most expensive set, given past examples where LEGO only had a key female character (e.g. Princess Leia) in the most expensive set. I also don't see a place for a Green Lantern minifig in these sets either.

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