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$20,000 LEGO DC Universe Super Heroes Video Contest

Over on Tongal they are running a $20,000 LEGO DC Universe Super Heroes Video Contest. In phase 1 (deadline july 24), you can win $250 for coming up with an idea for a DC LEGO video. Phase 2 will award $2250 for the best pitch, and in phase 3 the best video will with $17000.

Riddler Chase

The Riddler Chase set was on display at Comic-Con today. Most importantly, IMO, we can see good photos of the figs.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Comic-Con giveaway, sculptures

Alright, as much as I dislike the exclusive giveaways since most of us will never get them, if you are at Comic-Con I certainly want you to get all four figures. From FBTB, here are the instructions to get a fig.
- Starting at 11:30am everyday, you can visit the booth to get your badge scanned AND pick up a ticket. Badge scanning will last as long as they have tickets. You can only scan your badge once and get only one ticket, thus ensuring that the number of figs falls into the most number of hands as possible.
- You can scan your badge once a day for each figure. Trying to get your badge scanned more than once will throw and error and you will be denied.
- Starting at 3:30pm, visit to see if you’re a winner based on your ticket number. If you have a winning ticket, swing by the booth and pick up your shiny new precious.
- The following list is the schedule of which minifig will be given away on which day, and the quantity of each figure available:
Thursday – Spider-Woman, 350
Friday – Amazing Spider-Man, 350
Saturday – Black Suit Superman, 200
Sunday – Green Arrow, 200
For the rest of us, here are some full images from the LEGO booth of Superman and Iron Man sculptures, and another of the Turtles:

And these three sculptures are outside. I assume these are official LEGO displays, but maybe not.

Haunted Knight

Clever little minx made this rendition of Batman: Haunted Knight.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Baby Ock

One of the categories in Mr. Xenomurphy's Superhero Contest 2013 challenges builders to imagine a hero or villain as a parent. Dave Kaleta's lost in the supermarket has Doc Ock shopping with his adorable baby daughter.

Mall of America Fan Appreciation Show

If you can't get to Comic-Con, you may be able to get to the Mall of America Fan Appreciation Show Mall of America Fan Appreciation Show. This happened this past weekend - I have no idea how long the models will be on display. There was a large Turtles sculpture built by master builder Dan Steininger, another Turtles sculpture built on the spot with crowd participation, and also some MOCs, including a Bane mask by someone, and a Turtles mosaic and a Batman building by Amanda Fuek.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

San Diego ComicCon - figs, new set, sculptures

ComicCon is starting up in a couple of days. There are similar events around the country, but the four day con in San Diego is always the biggest show of the year, and LEGO always has a big presence. I'm sure we'll see some sets revealed (yes, I actually know we will see at least one, I'm not sure if the picture I've seen has been officially released so I'll wait a few days to feature them here), and large sculptures in the LEGO booth. -Edit- Okay, they've officially released these, see below. And, as in the last couple of ComicCons, they will give out exclusive figures. This year it will be Spider-Woman, the Green Arrow, and alternate versions of Superman and Spider-Man. Let me be clear. I HATE exclusive giveaways. Sure, these are cool figs, and I find myself posting them here for their coolness. But I, and most likely you, are never going to get our hands on these. Now if they were just alternate versions of characters we could get in regular sets, that might be annoying, but ultimately no big deal. When they're fairly minor characters, well, I'm pretty annoyed. But when they are mainstay characters, I'm really bothered by this. Last year they gave away the Green Lantern, for pete's sake. He's one of the big four of the DC universe. And, since the movie was so horrid and the promised Justice League movie is so elusive, I don't know when LEGO is ever going to give us a fig version of Hal (yes, I know, they can give us anything from the universe, but they seem set on giving us either Batman sets or sets related to movies). Over on the Marvel side, they had a Jean Grey fig last year that we've not seen in official sets. Actually, we've seen precious little of the X-Men so far. Hopefully we'll get more as Wolverine and Days of Future Past hit the theaters. This year is not quite as bad. As I said, I'm less concerned about alternate costumes (to me Superman will always wear his red underwear on the outside of his blue tights), and I've never really connected to Spider-Woman, but I have always had a liking for the Green Arrow, so that annoys me. Anyway, here are the figs you'll never get (unless you're one of the lucky few who is there, or you're willing to shell out ridiculous amounts of money on Ebay).

Okay, as I noted above, they have officially released this information. At Comic-Con LEGO will officially reveal the set Batman: The Riddler Chase, featuring the Flash. This set will come out next January and will cost US$29.99. Also, the LEGO booth will feature life-size sculptures of Superman and Iron Man.

IMO, the fans are far more fun than corporate-driven displays and giveaways. I'm sure we'll see some MOCs, and I know there's going to be a panel on LEGO art sponsored by BrickJournal (I'll cover this on ArtisticBricks), and you always see lots of different costumes. Here are a couple of fan costumes from Philly Comic Con and Niagra Falls Comic Con earlier this year.

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I just saw the Avengers last night (with young kids, it's been years since I've seen anything in the theater that wasn't by Pixar, I just noticed that it is out now on Netflix), so I wanted to highlight these great scenes by Choi Sang Hun.