Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Toy Fair report

Huw Millington of Brickset was at Toy Fair. While he was not allowed to take photos in the booth, he did share a report.

The Super Heroes sets were in the top-secret area of the stand under netting so they could not be photographed in the low light or from above.

All the minifigs on display appeared to be the final versions and looked excellent. Iron Man's mask does indeed hinge up to reveal his face.

Some of the sets were not on display in their entirety: LEGO was not allowed to because doing so would provide spoilers for forthcoming movies, so while Captain America was on his 'avenging cycle' in set 6865, the other character and vehicle in the set was not on display. There was only five sets on display: the Spider-Man one wasn't there so perhaps that will be a store exclusive.

Other than thinking they all looked great, I can't remember much about them! They are to be released in April.

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