Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Okay, so here's a little story. Back in 1989 I was in the theater on opening weekend for Batman. At one point, the Joker has brought balloons full of poison gas in a parade through Gotham, Batman swoops in with his Batplane, snatches the balloons, and whisks them away from populated areas. Then the Batplane bursts through the clouds and is briefly set against the full moon, with the bat-shaped silhouette in front of a yellow circle looking like the Bat Signal. So at this point, the guy in front of me exclaims "No way!" Now remember, this is a 121 minute film (thanks, Wikipedia), and I'm guessing this is about 100 minutes or more in. So this is the first point in the movie that this guy found something unbelievable???!? It's a freakin' comic book movie, for Pete's sake. Anyway, that's all just a lead in to AlIeNiGeNa's great Batjet based on the 1989 film version.

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