Monday, January 2, 2012

New polybag sets

Over on they post instructions for sets (so, for instance, when my son tore up the instructions to his new Cars set, we can still build it). Anyway, yesterday they added a bunch of new instructions, including for the upcoming polybag sets 30160, a Bat-jet-ski, and 30161, a micro-Batmobile. No release date on these yet, or even official names, but you can already download the instructions for 30160 and 30162. There's nothing too rare there, except of course the minifig, so you could probably build these today with your existing collection.

BTW, given the value on Bricklink for some of the original Batman run, and just the general collectible nature of Batman stuff, these polybag sets might be a great value to store a few copies away for resale in a few years. Personally I've never been a collector/investor in LEGO, I've pretty much only bought things I wanted for my own building. The one small SW promo set that I stashed away thinking I might resell later was found by my kids, who opened it up to play with. Oh well, it's not like that one set would have ensured their college fund.

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