Thursday, September 29, 2011

1375 - the set that wasn't

Okay, here's a different type of set review. Back when the first official Spider-Man sets were announced, there was supposed to be a third set, 1375 - Wrestling Scene. It showed up on early lists of upcoming sets, and photos were leaked that seemed to be authentic. Unfortunately, this set was later canceled.

The potential set would have focused on the scene where Peter Parker challenges a professional wrestler with his newly acquired powers. Of course this is a key scene in Spidey's history, because Peter's failure to stop a robbery of the wrestler's manager later led to the death of Uncle Ben, and Peter's vow to use his power to fight crime. The set itself was cute. In my opinion they could have removed the cameraman - remember the first Spidey sets were a sub-theme of Studios, so they were all supposed to be on movie sets. Anyway, we got that Spidey fig the next year in 4850, Spider-Man's First Chase, but we never did get the Macho-Man (er, Bonesaw McGraw) fig.

Interestingly the set was supposed to include a backdrop depicting the crowd at the wrestling match. This is the same backdrop card that was released in the Action-Pack expansion, as noted in my previous set review. So this set could be recreated easily from released elements, except for the Macho-Man torso (or maybe is that torso in some other LEGO set?).

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