Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More on the DC license - official website

Quick follow-up to my previous post. On FBTB (From Bricks to Batman?)* Ace posted a link to the official theme website, In addition to seeing three of the figs (and on the site you can rotate the Batman and Green Lantern figs and see that at least Hal is printed on both sides (Bruce is wearing a cape, of course), they also announce a monthly contest to create either a video, photo or drawing of a LEGO DC hero. It looks like you can use either your official Batman theme figs "and/or other LEGO Minifigures in Super Hero style" - I do not know if they mean that you can customize, or that you must use only official elements. Anyway, check out these great figs:

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  1. Hey you can check out more images of the figures from Comic-Con at flickr:
    The Brick Life