Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New Gothopolis

Here's one that really takes me back. About ten years ago, Tim Saupe, creator of FBTB visited LEGO's North American headquarters. While there he saw a great creation sitting on the desk of Master Builder Erik Varszegi, New Gothopolis. This 48x48 baseplate was packed with buildings from both the Marvel and DC universes, like the Daily Planet building and Dr. Strange's mansion. Of course it was also populated with custom figs, ranging from Two-Face to Galactus and Thor to the Flash. Doors pop open to reveal furnished interiors, and there's even Clark Kent changing to Superman via a revolving door. Follow the link to see all the great details.

A big thanks to Ace Kim, admin over at FBTB, for re-uploading these pictures for me.

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