Thursday, November 18, 2010

Nanananananananana - Bat Theme!

Between 2006 and 2008, LEGO released 13 sets in the Batman theme. One of the first released, and, at $10, a cheap way to get Batman himself, was 7779, Catwoman Pursuit

As a building set this was not great. The dragster was kind of silly, based mostly on the long curved wedge element and the large bat wing. The gatling gun on the front is kind of nice, though that design was around in MOCs before this set. Also Catwoman's motorcycle is just your basic one-piece (well, more like 6 piece) design, even though you can make an amazing motorcycle using LEGO elements. For me this set was all about the figs. These are great renditions of both Bruce and Selina. Okay, I'm not thrilled about these being flesh-toned rather than yellow, but I'm over that by now. Also, due to the placement of the eye-holes in the cowls, you can't easily interchange with another head, but you're pretty much going to use these figures as originally built rather than as fodder for making your own characters. It's also nice that Catwoman's head is double-sided, so you can view here with or without her goggles.

You can view the inventory at Peeron, the instructions at, or buy a copy at BrickLink. (Holy cow! It starts at $80. I'm very tempted to sell mine now.)

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