Monday, October 22, 2012

Turtles, official stuff

Ah, LEGO, I can't stay mad forever. I still think you do us wrong, but I'll relent for now (I know, you were scared there for a bit, weren't you?). Here are some of the official releases and displays related to the Turtles theme. A lot of this is probably review if you read LEGO blogs, but I'd like to put it all in one place.

Lucky NYCC invited guests got an exclusive Pizza slice promo:

Arriving at NYCC, you initially saw some covered signage and an inviting blank LEGO wall:

Eventually the cover was removed and the rumors and speculation were confirmed, it was an official LEGO TMNT theme:

And what about that blank LEGO wall? Attendees could construct small mosaic sections:

As these got added to the wall, an image soon appeared:

Over the course of NYCC, the final picture was revealed:

As you know, LEGO showed off the first set of the line, 79104, Shellraiser Street Chase:

They also showed off the figs:

They also had two giveaways associated with NYCC. Darkdragon scored a black turtle as part of a raffle at the NYCC site:

Ultron32 somehow got three of these and two of the Krang figs that were given out at a nearby LEGO Store:

Since NYCC, photos of two other sets have shown up online. In addition, Brickset two additional sets, Kraang Lab Escape and Shredder's Dragon Bike.

The two other sets with pictures are 79102, Stealth Shell in Pursuit:

and 79103, Turtle Lair Attack:

Okay, that's it for Turtle news for now.

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