Monday, July 16, 2012

Wrap up of official news

Okay, if you read other sites like FBTB, Brickset and Brick Heroes, none of this is new, but I wanted to collect together various official news, some from this past weekend and other older news.

Figs revealed The big Super Heroes reveal at Comic Con was the set of minifigs for 2013. Ace from FBTB got a series of hi-res images:

Of those I'm most excited about Dr. Doom, along with the Joker and Magneto one of the top three villains in all of comic book history, IMO. He does have a bit of a goofy face, though, which is annoying. Aquaman is also great because he lets me finish up the original Super Friends (I'm a child of 70's Saturday morning cartoons). Now if only they would make Marvin, Wendy and Wonder Dog. Heck, I'd even settle for the Wonder Twins. ;) Nick Fury is probably the other most-missed character of these so far, though I'm sure that people will be excited about Bane with the release of Dark Knight Rises (more on that below). Oh, here you can also see the figs in all of their ABS glory at Comic-Con (follow the link for more).

Spidey set I know, this is old news, but August 1 is the release date for 6873, Spider-Man's Doc Oc Ambush. Most notable, IMO, for the relatively obscure Iron Fist (I know, he's on that cartoon, so he's not obscure to today's kids).

Movie news Batman and Superman are set to make appearances in the 2014 movie LEGO: Piece of Resistance. No idea if they will be major figures, but I'm assuming these will be more cameos. I'll bet LEGO ties a lot of merchandising into this movie.

Man of Steel LEGO announced that they will release sets to go along with next year's Man of Steel.

Dark Knight Rises LEGO announced that they will NOT release sets to go along with this years Dark Knight Rises. However, the Bane and Commissioner Gordon figs displayed at Comic-Con seem to suggest otherwise.

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