Thursday, May 3, 2012

Lots of product news

News continues to come out regarding official products. Huw at Brickset found news of three upcoming Avengers polybags: a micro Quinjet, Thor and the Cosmic Cube, and Hawkeye.

Over on Brick Heroes, Will noted that the DK site for the upcoming LEGO Batman Visual Dictionary reveals that the included figure will be Electro Suit Batman.

Will also uncovered an in-store promotion of instructions to make Batman and Robin sculptures out of basic bricks (available in the Pick-a-Brick wall) at US LEGO stores during the month of June. I'm guessing (but have no proof of this) that the instructions and the two stickers will be a give-away that comes with a qualified purchase (perhaps of a Pick-a-Brick cup, or else a Super Heroes set).

One more from Will, he also notes that with a purchase at a LEGO store (perhaps on June 19 or thereafter), you will get a special code to unlock extra content in the upcoming LEGO Batman 2: DC Universe Super Heroes video game.

As long as I'm noting video game news, if you pre-order from EB games, you'll get a 5-Character Villain add-on (while supplies last, and this is old news, so it may be gone already) to add Bizarro, Captain Cold, Black Adam, Black Manta and Gorilla Grodd to your PS3 or XBox game.

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