Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spidey vs the Green Goblin

I know others have already posted this, but I can't skip over Mr. Xenomurphy's amazing rendition of Spider-Man versus the Green Goblin. This whole thing is full of incredible build details. Even if there was no comic-book content, just the apartment building would be an amazing MOC to ponder. Also note that explosion, perhaps the best I've ever seen in LEGO form.

His custom Green Goblin is a great creation in its own right.

I love how he tends to make comic book covers out of his MOCs.

The graffiti is a little inside nod to Frank Dillane, who was up for the role of Peter/Spidey in the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man movie. I guess Xenomurphy is unhappy that Andrew Garfield ended up with the part.

Also, some good news, Xenomurphy promises at least one additional Spidey scene in addition to this and his previous Sandman and Lizard scenes.

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