Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Batboy and Superboy

ModelGal Mariann Asanuma has built a couple of boys in superhero costumes at miniland scale. These are excellent, as should be expected since Mariann used to work at Legoland.

My only disappointment is that they rely on custom decals. I had thought that the Batman symbol might be a printed 1x2 brick from the Batman sets, but it doesn't appear that such a brick exists. That said, in looking at Bricklink, there are a number of printed 1x2 bricks that might make great logos for custom superheroes built at this scale.

Plus some others, even more if you accept stickered bricks. Some of these would be fun superheroes - Snakeman! Telephoneguy! (wonder what his power is?) Shellgirl!

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