Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Set 1374 - Green Goblin

Another of the first run of Spider-Man sets was 1374, the Green Goblin. As with 1376, this set was organized as a subtheme of Studios, rather than a separate them. One interesting result of this is that the Green Goblin/Norm Osborne face was not really patterned after Willem Dafoe, but was rather the same actor who had appeared in earlier Studios sets. The Green Goblin fig is nice, though they improved it in the subsequent series by painting the mask. Sometimes the mask doesn't stay on my fig all that well. The torso is double sided and fairly versatile - one side could be some sort of green monster, and the other side (if you flip the arms and switch out the hands) could easily be a green formal shirt. Patterns on the legs and the back of the head further highlight the attention to detail on this fig. The Mary Jane Watson fig is another really nice character. Again the head and hair repeat an actress from earlier Studios sets. I really like the wisps of hair detail, and the double sided face lets you switch from damsel in distress to woman in control. As to the glider, it was a pretty disappointing build - pretty flimsy and the pearl gray pieces were made of a cheaper feeling plastic. Who cares, though? Let's face it, you were paying $7 for two key figures, which was a lot better than paying $24 essentially for the Spider-Man fig in set 1374.

You can see the inventory on Peeron, the instructions on LEGO.com or buy a copy on BrickLink.

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