Monday, October 25, 2010

Welcome to ComicBricks

I grew up reading comic books. I also grew up playing with LEGO. This blog brings those two together. I'm not going to focus on people making their own LEGO comics, but rather those LEGO creations that are devoted to Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, etc, etc, etc. There are lots of great MOCs (My Own Creations, LEGO builders' term for something based on their own imaginations rather than a set of instructions) based on DC and Marvel characters, and to a lesser extent characters from other comics. There have also been official LEGO products based on Batman and Spider-Man licenses.

Those who know me are probably wondering why I'm starting another LEGO blog. Basically, I keep thinking that someone should start a blog along these lines, but no one does. I'm going to build this one up for a couple of months, and then see if someone is willing to come in as a co-blogger

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